JHSF Shines in Real Estate Industry through the Leadership of Jose Auriemo

JHSF is known throughout Brazil for its participation in the development of both commercial and residential buildings. The company deals with high-end developments. It is renowned for the running of shopping centers, hotels, and an international business airport in the country. Since its establishment in 1972, the company has managed to stay competitive by always recognizing potential markets before starting its operations.

Achievements by JHSF

Over the years, JHSF has always managed to build a name in the industry. The company has been daring while taking ventures in the market. It has incorporated innovation, quality, and sustainable solutions perfectly whenever they take up a project. The company is also very pioneering, a trait that has made it consolidate its presence in cities such as Manaus, Sao Paulo, and Salvador. JHSF has also managed to cross borders and has its presence in the USA and Uruguay.

JHSF mostly focuses on four units namely airport, shopping center, incorporation, and Fasano Hotels and Restaurants, all of which are recurring revenue businesses. The most prominent projects managed by the company include the development and administration of the luxurious restaurants, shopping centers, and the Catarina Integrated Urban Development, which includes the Catalina Fashion Outlet and the Catarina Executive Airport. The latter project is in its first phase and has helped the company gain a lot in terms of revenue collection.

About Jose Auriemo

Jose Auriemo is the son of JHSF co-founder, Fabio Auriemo. Jose took over the responsibility of running the company at a tender age of 27. He, however, had been involved in running the business alongside his father. At the age of 17, he oversaw the development of the company’s first parking lot division. When he reached 22, he was made the director of the shopping mall sector. After being made in charge of the company, Jose instantly took the role of seeing the company excel in the luxury market.

As the CEO of Brazil’s largest real estate development company, Jose has seen the company through lots of success. Through his leadership, the company has signed partnerships with other big names in the industry such as Hermes, Pucci, and Jimmy Choo. The company also signed a partnership with Valentino in 2012, which resulted in the opening of the first Valentino and R.E.D stores in the country.


The Expertise and Success of Jim Tananbaum in Healthcare Companies

Jim Tananbaum is the leader behind the success of Foresite Capital. He is the founder and the CEO of the company. He has also involved the formation of GelTex Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: GENZ) Theravance, Inc. The companies are some of the best firms in pharmaceuticals in the region. Other companies that he co-founded is Prospect Venture Partners II and III and Sierra Ventures. Jim Tananbaum is a successful investor with over 21 healthcare enterprises. Some of the healthcare companies that he owns are Amira Pharmaceuticals and Amerigroup.

Jim declared Dr. Molly He as the venture partner of Foresite Capital. He served as the senior director at Illumina before joining the Foresite Capital. Her experience and management skills in Pharmaceuticals was earned in 15 years. She also has a lot of experience in genomic research and development. Dr. Molly He is recognized by Jim for his contribution and honor as a scientific researcher, reports Wired.com. Dr. He has specialized in the research of next-generation sequencing. Her knowledge and research skills in genomics and drug development are of great benefit to Foresite Capital. She also has outstanding leadership experience which fundamental in the growth of the company.

Dr. He is recognized for her involvement in the expansion of Illumina to global reagent innovation. She pursued biochemistry at Nankai University and graduated with Bachelor’s degree in the course. He enrolled at the University of California to research protein biophysics, and she was awarded a Ph.D. from the same university. Foresite Capital is one of the largest companies leading in innovative and exciting healthcare. The company targets public and private sectors.

Jim Tananbaum’s success in investment is attributed to 25 Years of experience in various leadership positions. He served at GeiTex Pharmaceuticals and Theravance, and he received promotions to work at various executive positions in the companies. He was selected to serve at Harvard-MIT HST Program as a member of advisory board’s committees. He was also appointed to serve on the advisory board’s committees at Yale School of Engineering. His experience in healthcare, management, and innovation has enabled him to contribute productively to the boards.

The success of Jim Tananbaum is the rich academic qualifications which he has attained. He joined Harvard Medical School and graduated with M.D. He was awarded a BS, and a B.S.E.E by Yale University. Tananbaum enrolled Harvard Business School and pursued MBA. Inc42 reports Forbes listed Tananbaum as position 52 in its Midas List for 2017.

Ref: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jim-tananbaum-a7562a7/

How Does Fabletics Sell More Products To Women Through Their Stores?

Fabletics is using some of the most-advanced selling techniques in the world, and they are taking a page from the Amazing sales manual as they do it. They have built a much better brand that will entice women to buy, and they are opening new stores that will help women find better clothes. This article explains how Fabletics is using reverse showrooming to help their brand grow.


#1: What Is Reverse Showrooming?


Reverse showrooming is the process that a company uses where they show their clients everything, and they want their clients to come to the store knowing much of what they will buy. They have seen these things before, and they will purchase these things because they want to get more of them. Women may pair up their wardrobes and create outfits.


#2: The Accounts


The accounts that are created by Fabletics are those that track all the things women buy. They do a number of things that allow women to avoid duplicates, and they will show the customer what they have purchased in the past. They may put together new outfits, and they will show the customer items that will fit into the things they have purchased in the past.


#3: The Simplest Designs


The simplest designs that are created by Kate Hudson are made to ensure that their bodies will be flattered. A woman who wants to look her best may trust Fabletics to give her help. The Fabletics brand is one of the finest in the world, and it gives the company a profile that stretches into the fashion world. The athleisure movement is quite important, and Fabletics is one of the first that has done this.


#4: The Commercials


Kate Hudson is a strong woman, and she stars in all her own commercials. She works hard to give women inspiration, and she wants all women to see that they can have the full life they are looking for. She wants to know that a number of women will see the commercials and feel much better about their own bodies.


Someone who is searching for better clothes for their daily routine may shop with Fabletics, and they will learn that they may purchase new items in their stores. It is something that makes women feel better about themselves, and it gives them a number of chances to look their best every single day after leaving the house.

Whitney Wolfe’s Landmark In Social Networking

Bumble BFF is a social female led dating application that uses Sadie Hawkins concept to connect new people. The application came into existence in 2014 after Whitney Wolfe wanted to break the traditional concept of dating by putting women in control. The Bumble BFF operates like any other dating site like Tinder. It has pictures, matches and the swiping feature. The only difference is it that women are in control of the experience, and have the power to control how they perceive themselves. The goal is to expand the application not only as a dating site but also a platform where people could professionally and socially network.

Recently, a hangout joint called the Hive opened in New York City. The physical location is at 158 Mercer Street, Soho. It would be a meet up place for dates or even a place where people could only spend time. The launching of the Hive will include other events that dwell on relationships and entrepreneurship from the female perspective. Even though the Hive will only open for a period, there are plans for future ventures in other cities. The Hive will offer both bar and coffee related services where sale returns will proceed to charity. It will run from 8 am to 10 pm on Thursdays to Fridays, 10 am to 10 pm on Saturdays, and 10 am to 8 pm on Sundays.

Whitney Wolfe is an American entrepreneur who completed her major in International Studies are Southern Methodist University. In college, Whitney partnered with Patrick Aufdenkem to found a non-profit organization called the Help Us project. After graduation, she moved to South East Asia to work with orphanages. Later at 22 years, she joined Hatch Clubs and after helping in the co-founding of Tinder. She then became the vice president of the marketing department.

At Tinder, Whitney Wolfe played a very active role in popularizing the application to college students. She facilitated the download of the apps by college students. She, however, left Tinder and formed her dating app in collaboration with Andrey Andreev. Whitney Wolfe founded Bumble BFF to help people find friends. Whitney Wolfe was named by Elles Women in 2016 and also by Forbes early this year in the 30 under 30.

Corpse Flower and Orange Coast College

According to the article release on http://www.ocregister.com, the rare and smelly flower arranged at OCC (Orange Coast College) is anticipated to attract many admirers who want to get an aroma of its scent.

The corpse flower was displayed in the administration building of Orange Coast College. The flower is also nicknamed Little Dougie, and it has been planted in the institution since 2006. The plant weights more than thirty pounds. It is also 5 feet tall. Other corpse flower plants can weigh more than 200 pounds. Learn more about Orange Coast College: https://twitter.com/orangecoast?lang=en and http://www.occsailing.com/

The flower is named corpse flower because its smell is similar to something that is dead. Additionally, the blooming of the flowers occurs during the evening. However, a single flower can take more than a decade before it makes its first bloom. The first bloom can last for 24 or 48 hours, after which the flower bloom after every 3 or 5 years.

About Orange Coast College

OCC (Orange Coast College) is one of the community colleges in California. The institution was established in 1947, and its first classes were opened in 1948. It offers two-year associate degrees in science and art, lower-division courses, and certificates of achievements as well.

The institution can manage to enroll more than 20000 undergraduate students in a year. Regarding population size, Orange Collge is ranked third in Orange County.

The primary purpose of Orange Coast College is to provide affordable education in skilled professions, trades, licensed trades. It is one of the best transfer institutions in the United States of America – for students who are planning to pursue University Degree.

Orange Coast College has received special accreditation from various organizations like WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges), ADA (American Dental Association), and ADA (American Dietetic Association).

OCC is also active when it comes to the student life. The institution has active competitive sports and clubs. It also involves the Student Association body with every co-curriculum activity. However, the organization was founded to serve the local community, and this makes it less social than higher learning institutions like universities and campuses. Still, many changes are taking place at OCC, and new things are yet to come.

Emergency Gold Conference Takes Place Under US Money Reserve’s Authority

With many world events in motion during the current term of US President Donald Trump, US Money Reserve, a precious metals sales company felt it necessary to host a gold emergency conference on the issues. The conference will be held in Austin, TX at an undisclosed location, and attendees must have an exclusive invitation.

Many gold numismatic leaders will be there including US Money Reserve president Philip N. Diehl who will be the featured speaker. Diehl will discuss the current issues going on in the world and explain three reasons to buy gold now in a report that he will share.

US Money Reserve has been dedicated to customer satisfaction and has helped make the process of buying gold simple for all. US Money Reserve is privately-owned and has been leading the industry for over 15 years in sales and information distribution.

US Money Reserve has a deep knowledge center on their website that discusses various scenarios for which people should protect their wealth by buying gold bullion and diversifying their portfolio into it.

It’s not hard to navigate the website since it’s been redesigned in the last year and is usable on regular computers, tablets and smartphones. But most important to US Money Reserve’s success are the people leading the company.

Joining US Money Money Reserve not long after his time in the US government was Philip N. Diehl, the 35th US Mint Director. Diehl achieved a bachelor’s and master’s degree in government, and he served in several public offices including the Texas Comptroller’s Office and Public Utilities Commission.

When he was appointed to head the Mint, he began overturning several troubled programs including the commemorative coins and basic operations by cutting waste and implementing new platforms including an ecommerce website that helped the mint gain $2.6 billion in profits.

US Money Reserve also has made customer experience a focal point of their endeavors and has added Client-Connect Advantage to their website. Through this platform customers are able to chat with live representatives while making a purchase, dealing with payment or billing issues or even completing a return.

New customers are given a gold information kit that takes them through the basics of buying coins and also includes transferring IRA accounts into gold assets. To find out more about US Money Reserve’s products or to get in touch with a representative, you can call 1-866-646-8465 or visit www.USMoneyReserve.com.

Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/blog/ and https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/why-usmr/

Changing Operations with US Money Reserve

In the past 16 years, US Reserve has built a reputation for offering their customers opportunities that cannot be matched by other companies. When it comes to the sale of government issued coins, US Money Reserve is a force to be reckoned with. They have managed to grow into the company they are today by maintaining a team of well-trained professionals. Read more: Oil Production to Dip Below One Mill Barrel Per Day | Mynd Now

These professionals include experienced account executives, order verification personnel as well as coin research personnel. Within the institution is a compliance and standard department, shipping and vault department as well as an inventory department. Finally, there is customer relations department, standards and compliance department and leading numismatic expert department.

Philip Diehl is the president and chief executive officer of this company. Other than this institution, he has worked with the US Treasury as chief of staff and US Mint where he worked as a director. This puts him in a position to advice Americans why they should buy gold from the institution.

Now that he works with US Money Reserve, he continues his dedication and mission to selling to Americans the best government issued silver coins, gold coins as well as platinum coins. He knows personally the importance of diversified investments.

On 20th June last month, US Money Reserve said that it was releasing a book called the 2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money. The eBook is meant to advice the Americans about the hard economic times that are characterized by global and political unrest. All these combined make it difficult to invest. Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-money-reserve-featured-on-epns-enterprise-radio-300213820.html

The eBook was released alongside a special offer giving the Americans the chance to own some gold coins at a subsidized fee. The offer is known as 1/10 oz. Gold American Eagle Coins and the company said that the offer was limited as they expect a complete sellout.

The book explains why buying gold is a safe haven. Unlike other investments that fluctuate after a period of time, the value of gold remains the same. Gold is less vulnerable and it’s also tangible. All these combined make it immune to volatility. To properly serve their customers and clients, US Money Reserve can be found on various social media platforms. For instance, US Money Reserve can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snap Chat. Through these avenues, the company can address various issues such as customer complaints, questions and update their customers about upcoming products. They have a very responsive customer service.

Entrepreneurship in the health sector by Jim Tananbaum

Science can be a motivating factor to success when it comes to healthcare. As the world grows, healthcare is not only becoming a sector meant to provide better services to patients, but also grows as a business in providing quality healthcare. Jim Tananbaum is one of the few strategists and entrepreneurs that have been committed to changing health care industry by investing heavily in the sector. Currently, he is the chief executive officer at the Forsite capital. This firm invests in emerging health care institutions and offers advice to healthcare leaders operating as business people in the health sector.

As the leading strategist at Forsite capital, it has grown to be one of the best firms in investing in the healthcare sector. Jim’s passion is seen in how tirelessly he is motivated to invest more in the area of health. His ambition is good for humanity and business since he has managed to emerge in the global market as a powerful capitalist. The greatest advantage he has is the 25 years’ experience, operating in the healthcare environment. He has established other health care investments projects that have so far been successful.

According to Market Wired, this year, he was included on the Forbes’ Midas list where global top 100 successful capitalist and investors were included, reveals Ideamensch. It is worth noting this is the third consecutive time that he has managed to appear on the list. The consistency in being successful is evident on how he has managed to invest in over 78 health care firms globally. Jim Tananbaum participated in the establishment of Geitex Pharmaceutical. It is no surprise that when this company introduced its new drugs to the market, the total sales were beyond imagination. A whopping $1.6 billion.

He believes in a prosperous future that will lead in provisions of better research, manufacture of drugs, and health care as a business opportunity. That is why he offers investments capital to emerging healthcare institution and aspiring leaders in the sector so that they can participate in the evolution of heath care. These investments are given at affordable rates, to encourage the smaller healthcare firms to grow and become national and global brands.

Read More: http://www.massdevice.com/neuropsych-treatment-diagnosis-platform-dev-mindstrong-health-raises-14m-series/

Scott Rocklage of 5AM Ventures does Interview on Ideamensch

The interview between Scott Rocklage of 5 AM Ventuers and Ideamensch begin with Ideamensch asking Mr. Rocklage of where he got the idea to launch his investment firm. Mr. Rocklage said that his business is a unique one. It is a venture capital based firm that invests in ideas and developments in the life sciences. The name 5AM Ventures refers to the fact that his firm is heavily involved in the early aspects of business and product development and formation. Getting up at 5 A.M. is early and 5AM Ventures specializes in the early development of companies it invests its money in.

Next, Scott Rocklage was asked how a regular day works out for him. Ideamensch followed this up by asking Mr. Rocklage how he tries to make his workday more efficient. Mr. Rocklage says he does not have a set routine or regular day that he can expect. His days vary. Scott says that sometimes he spends days at a time researching and studying the science behind a startup or product. At other times he is involved with the business and management side of business. This involves attending board meetings, meeting with financial officers and reviewing the portfolio of 5AM Ventures.

Ideamensch later asked Scott Rocklage as a businessman, how does he bring ideas to life at his company. Rocklage said that he works very closely with other people in his line of work to help them forge their new idea into a medicine, device or process that can be used to treat diseases or alleviate suffering. This involves working not only with scientists and medical experts, but business professionals such as executives and other investors as well. Click here to know more.

Dr. Rocklage was asked which current trend in medicine or technology he finds the most exciting or interesting. Scott Rocklage said that the targeting ability of new drugs to be able to target specific mutations when fighting diseases is a major breakthrough. The ability of other drugs to target a certain kind of phenotype is another exciting development. These developments will all lead to more effective cancer treatments that can save lives and prolong them.

Copa Star: A First Class Medical Facility

*The Copa Star Examined:

Copa Star is one of Brazil’s most up to date and modern medical facilities. The Copa Star Medical facility consists of five floors. In addition, the entire facility contains over 125 beds as well as a modern ICU facility.

If surgery is necessary, the center has 9 operating rooms as well as a fully modernized diagnostic testing center. This entire project cost between $112-$115 million dollars. The Copa Star was certainly well worth any cost involved to create this ultra modern facility.

Copa Star has been compared to a 5 star hotel. The medical facility is in a prime location, it has an excellent staff of skilled physicians and nurses. The entire medical facility has a beautiful and somewhat elegant setting. Approaching the main entrance of the building makes you feel as if you are on a vacation. Visit the site groups.google.com to know more about Copa Star.

The Copa Star web site is actually arranged so that anyone can take a tour of this spectacular facility. It is almost like taking a guided tour of a fancy and exclusive hotel. Even the lobby is state of the art with comfortable furniture and and a modern computer system.

The Hospital Copa Star offers some of the best care within the area of Neurosurgery and Cardiac care. In addition, the facility has Hybrid rooms as well as special Neurosurgery rooms with special magnetic imaging equipment. Copa Star has recently added an Robotic medicine department to its five story facility. The facility actually employs the use of medical robots to assist in complex medical procedures. Robotic medicine is truly a unique and modernized form of medical treatment.

Copa Star believes that the patient deserves complete and total innovative care. Each patient will be given individualized attention during their stay at Copa Star. A team of skilled and experienced physicians are prepared to do whatever they need to do in order to get the patient well and back on their feet again.

This unique health care facility is located on 700 Copacobana in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. You can feel secure in knowing that you will be in excellent hands at the Copa Star Health care facility. Read more at taxiemmovimento.blogspot.com