Welcome To Jeff Herman’s Take on Sexual Abuse and Why He Feels More Parents Need To Listen

Jeff Herman is an American attorney who specializes in cases dealing with sexual abuse and rape. His practice is mainly in the Miami area. Has anyone you know been sexually assaulted? You need to talk to Jeff right away. He can help you get the justice you need.

“No woman or man should feel violated. I can help you seek the vindication you are looking for.”

It Is Not Your Fault

There are a lot of reasons why victims do not come forward. One of the reasons is the victim’s upbringing. Parents need to get over the fear of sexual abuse and rape. They need to teach their kids that certain behavior is not appropriate.

What Parents Can Do To Help

Parents can start right now by reading a few of Jeff’s tips for how parents can help their kids get the skills they need.

1) Start by giving your kids specific examples. Keep the language age-appropriate for the child you are talking to. They need to learn that some people are not the friends they claim to be. Kids need to learn that some jokes are not harmless. The more examples you give them, the more they will recognize it if and when it happens.

2) You cannot stop talking about this. Why do you think we have the “me too” movement happening? Too many people let the behavior go for too long. The sex talk needs to be an ongoing thing, including in their adult years. Talk about events that are going on right now. The more real you make, the more your kids will process it. They will also come to understand that some things are not a joke.

Jeff Herman

Jeff Herman will fight for your right to be heard. He has fought and won a lot of cases. His reputation stands for itself. You can learn more about by clicking on his bio page or his Twitter account.

Time is up. Do not become another victim. It is time to fight back now.

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