JHSF Shines in Real Estate Industry through the Leadership of Jose Auriemo

JHSF is known throughout Brazil for its participation in the development of both commercial and residential buildings. The company deals with high-end developments. It is renowned for the running of shopping centers, hotels, and an international business airport in the country. Since its establishment in 1972, the company has managed to stay competitive by always recognizing potential markets before starting its operations.

Achievements by JHSF

Over the years, JHSF has always managed to build a name in the industry. The company has been daring while taking ventures in the market. It has incorporated innovation, quality, and sustainable solutions perfectly whenever they take up a project. The company is also very pioneering, a trait that has made it consolidate its presence in cities such as Manaus, Sao Paulo, and Salvador. JHSF has also managed to cross borders and has its presence in the USA and Uruguay.

JHSF mostly focuses on four units namely airport, shopping center, incorporation, and Fasano Hotels and Restaurants, all of which are recurring revenue businesses. The most prominent projects managed by the company include the development and administration of the luxurious restaurants, shopping centers, and the Catarina Integrated Urban Development, which includes the Catalina Fashion Outlet and the Catarina Executive Airport. The latter project is in its first phase and has helped the company gain a lot in terms of revenue collection.

About Jose Auriemo

Jose Auriemo is the son of JHSF co-founder, Fabio Auriemo. Jose took over the responsibility of running the company at a tender age of 27. He, however, had been involved in running the business alongside his father. At the age of 17, he oversaw the development of the company’s first parking lot division. When he reached 22, he was made the director of the shopping mall sector. After being made in charge of the company, Jose instantly took the role of seeing the company excel in the luxury market.

As the CEO of Brazil’s largest real estate development company, Jose has seen the company through lots of success. Through his leadership, the company has signed partnerships with other big names in the industry such as Hermes, Pucci, and Jimmy Choo. The company also signed a partnership with Valentino in 2012, which resulted in the opening of the first Valentino and R.E.D stores in the country.