How US Money Reserve Has Helped The People Of Texas Recently

US Money Reserve has been featured in many business and finance publications because of the work they do in the precious metals industry. But they’ve also gotten involved in many community philanthropy organizations, and according to the Chronicle Week, they got even more involved when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas.

This hurricane was one of the largest to hit the gulf coast of Texas and bring a lot of damage with it, so much that many roads were covered by water and thousands of homes destroyed. Learn more about Nathaniel US Money Reserve:

US Money Reserve immediately partnered with the Austin Disaster Relief Network to raise funds to help those in need of shelter and to repair damages done, and 100% of their funds went to it and were matched with YouCaring donations.

Hurricane Harvey is not the only disaster that US Reserve has urged its customers to be prepared for. Their goal as a company is to give their customers a chance to protect their money from economic calamities that could be caused by natural disasters like Harvey, but also by national debts, physical wars, trade wars and stock market crashes.

While the direction of the US and world economies cannot be controlled, US Money Reserve helps people control their own finances through buying gold and silver. Whether it’s through gold and silver coins or other bullion, your money can be put into an asset that won’t lose its value even if a national currency does.

PR Newswire stated that one man who understands the value of gold and silver and its relation to currencies is Philip N. Diehl, the president of US Money Reserve. Diehl knows about precious metal bullion because he was the 35th US Mint Director appointed by former President Bill Clinton.

Diehl did a lot for the Mint including reinstating its commemorative coins program and having an ecommerce website built that made customer service even better, and eventually the Mint was generating $2.6 billion in profits.

From the Mint to the US Reserve, Diehl has continued to help people understand the risks and rewards of buying precious metals. US Money Reserve has free information booklets available on the bullion and on transferring existing IRA portfolios into gold-backed IRAs.

Diehl also has spoke on different media outlets on issues such as eliminating the penny and how to get started owning gold. He’s also been a featured speaker at the US Gold Summit and at an invitation-only Gold Emergency Conference.