Omar Boraie’s Vision to Redevelop New Brunswick

In “The Visions of Omar Boraie,” the blog details how he envisions the potential in crumbling cities. Omar Boraie sees the potential in cities that others may not. He invested his time and money in rebuilding New Brunswick. He had a vision for the way New Brunswick could be, and he held strong to that dream. He used his experience as a traveling scholar in Europe as inspiration on how to revive the area. His latest project, the Aspire, is a beautiful, luxury residential building. High quality residential buildings attract members of the community that are willing to give back and reinvest as well. You can visit for more info about the company.

Boraie is the head of his own development company, Boraie development. The company works to rebuild and redevelop urban areas, like New Brunswick and Atlantic City. He began his mission to rebuild New Brunswick by acquiring twenty one crumbling building on the same block. He built two beautiful office towers and condos to revamp that area, but he understands that the whole community helped with the effort. He thanked them for bringing in the culture and theater. His vision became reality and he thanked those who stood beside him.

In a report by Central Jersey Working Moms, Boraie Development works on all aspects of the Real Estate market. With a 30 year successful track record, this company works to build new developments, maintain their own properties, and sell real estate to boost the market. Omar Boraie saw the potential in New Brunswick and now is seeing the fruits of his company’s labor taking shape. One building and one block at a time, he rebuilt New Brunswick into a vibrant and beautiful city. The company continues to look for ways to bring New Brunswick into a safer and beautiful city. He saw his vision from bringing new residents to new business come to reality through his hard work and dedication.

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