Todd Lubar  Shares the Secret to Becoming Successful in Real Estate

Todd Lubar is a well-known personality in the world of finance, investments, and real-estate in the United States. Todd Lubar is a graduate of Syracuse University, and soon after completing his studies, he joined the real estate market. He got his first job at Legacy Financial Group and then gained experienced working at the Legacy Financial Group for many years. After that, he has been professionally associated with the world of real estate since 1995 and at the beginning of his career; Todd worked for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. It is at Crestar Mortgage that he learned a lot about the credit business and how the mortgage business works. It gave him the business insight he needed in the world of finance, and he moved on to work with other companies in the future, including Priority Financial Services. Working with different credit and finance companies helped Todd Lubar expand his horizon of in-depth knowledge in the sector.


Todd Lubar went on to become an entrepreneur later on in his life and started and successfully ran companies in the different sector, including in the demolition industry, nightclub industry, real estate, finance, and mortgage. Presently, Todd Lubar is the Vice President at TDL Ventures and is also the President at Legendary Investments. He joined the finance company with the aim to help people get loans easily. Todd has a huge experience in the credit industry that he puts to use when helping get the loan they can easily get, but are denied the same by many financial institutions. Todd Lubar understands how the mortgage banking and credit financing works and ensures that the people who deserve to get the loan are not denied for it.


Todd Lubar also has in-depth experience in the real estate space and has been associated with the real estate industry of Baltimore for nearly two decades. The city has seen massive growth in the past few years regarding the booming real estate prices. Even though the population of the region might have seen a drop, there is an ongoing economic boom that cannot be ignored. More and more young people are flocking to the city, which has helped in soaring the construction of the new apartment projects. Many realtors in the region are even trying to refurbish the old buildings to build apartments and condominiums. Todd Lubar feels that it is necessary for the people to take this opportunity to invest in the booming real estate sector if they are in a position to do so. Todd Lubar feels that there are many affordable housing options in the region, and the realtors should also focus on developing cheaper options for middle-class families that would attract more permanent residents in the city.



Shafik Sachedina: From Dentist To Ismaili Leader

Established in 1977, the Institute of Ismaili Studies, headquartered in London, was created to foster learning and scholarship within and around the Islamic community, taking a combination of historic and contemporary perspectives to examine Islam as a religion, and its connections to, and influences on, the broader world.

The Institute also maintains a large and diverse collection of Islamic scholarly works pertaining to Muslim culture and its history. The organization operates under a broad leadership structure, with Dr. Shafik Sachedina acting as the Head of the Department of Jamati Institutions.

Dr. Sachedina brings to the Institute a diverse and global set of views, spanning his birth and childhood in Tanzania to his university studies in the U.K., leading to him becoming a British citizen. Dr. Sachedina oversees the Institute’s work and on-going projects in 16 different regions, as well as acting as a liaison with the Aga Khan Development Network, and several other Ismaili institutions, including a commission as the Chairman of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International, a member of the Ismaili Leaders’ International Forum, and president of the Ismaili Council for the United Kingdom.

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Outside of his voluntary work with the Institute, Dr. Sachedina first came to the U.K. to study dentistry at Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School at the University of London. His practice as a dental surgeon led to his involvement in various business ventures in the healthcare industry, most notably as a current co-chair of Sussex Healthcare, a successful group of care and rehabilitative centers in the south of England. His dedication to the company, partnered with his co-chair, hotelier Shiraz Boghani, has seen Sussex Healthcare expand to more than 20 facilities, as one of the premier senior and adult care programs in the country.

From the time of his childhood in Dar-Es-Salaam, Dr. Sachedina has been able to transition his dedication to healing, and his community, into these varied ventures that help unite people by bringing about a better understanding of history, and also innovating for the future. Their connection may not be obvious, but through all the strands of his life, his education, his career in dentistry, his leadership at Sussex Healthcare, and his devotion to the Ismaili community, Dr. Shafik Sachedina, whether intentionally or not, brings people together, lifts them up, and shows them a happier, healthier, way forward. The Institute of Ismaili Studies will continue to thrive and grow under Dr. Sachedina’s guiding influence.

The Dedicated And Driven Rick Smith

Who is Rick Smith, and what is Securus?

Richard Smith is the current Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, which is a company based out of the Dallas, Texas area. Rick Smith has been the CEO since June 23, 2008, and still presently holds the title. Rick Smith is also currently the owner of Securus. With his strong drive and dedication, he has improved every company that he has worked with in his extensive career.

Richard Smith attended notorious schools in New York.

First, he received his Associate’s degree at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Then, his next degree was from the State University of New York at Buffalo. That was where he got a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. Then, he went to the University of Rochester to obtain his Masters of Bussiness Administration. He also has secured a Master’s in Engineering from the State University of New York. With this education, he was ready to move forward into a promising business career.

Smith has held many prestigious positions at thriving companies.

In 1972, he joined Global Crossing North America Inc. and held numerous positions with the company over the years until he left the company in 1998. He worked with them as a chief information officer, but later on advanced to such roles as director of Business Development and various president and vice president roles within the company.

After leaving Global Crossing, Rick Smith joined Eschelon Telecom Inc.

Smith worked at Eschelon from 1998 to 2000 as chief financial officer. In the next three years, he became president then CEO. He increased Eschelon Telecom’s profits by hundreds of millions of dollars. Rick Smith left Eschelon Telecom Inc. in 2007 and joined Securus Technologies with his current position as president and CEO. Under his leadership, Securus has been performing several hundred percents better than the competition and has had cutting-edge developments.

Securus Technologies provides technology to prisons.

Richard Falcone was the original founder and CEO of the company in 1986. At its’ founding, Securus had offices in Texas and Georgia. The company currently serves thousands of prisons across the United States.

Whitney Wolfe’s Landmark In Social Networking

Bumble BFF is a social female led dating application that uses Sadie Hawkins concept to connect new people. The application came into existence in 2014 after Whitney Wolfe wanted to break the traditional concept of dating by putting women in control. The Bumble BFF operates like any other dating site like Tinder. It has pictures, matches and the swiping feature. The only difference is it that women are in control of the experience, and have the power to control how they perceive themselves. The goal is to expand the application not only as a dating site but also a platform where people could professionally and socially network.

Recently, a hangout joint called the Hive opened in New York City. The physical location is at 158 Mercer Street, Soho. It would be a meet up place for dates or even a place where people could only spend time. The launching of the Hive will include other events that dwell on relationships and entrepreneurship from the female perspective. Even though the Hive will only open for a period, there are plans for future ventures in other cities. The Hive will offer both bar and coffee related services where sale returns will proceed to charity. It will run from 8 am to 10 pm on Thursdays to Fridays, 10 am to 10 pm on Saturdays, and 10 am to 8 pm on Sundays.

Whitney Wolfe is an American entrepreneur who completed her major in International Studies are Southern Methodist University. In college, Whitney partnered with Patrick Aufdenkem to found a non-profit organization called the Help Us project. After graduation, she moved to South East Asia to work with orphanages. Later at 22 years, she joined Hatch Clubs and after helping in the co-founding of Tinder. She then became the vice president of the marketing department.

At Tinder, Whitney Wolfe played a very active role in popularizing the application to college students. She facilitated the download of the apps by college students. She, however, left Tinder and formed her dating app in collaboration with Andrey Andreev. Whitney Wolfe founded Bumble BFF to help people find friends. Whitney Wolfe was named by Elles Women in 2016 and also by Forbes early this year in the 30 under 30.

Scott Rocklage of 5AM Ventures does Interview on Ideamensch

The interview between Scott Rocklage of 5 AM Ventuers and Ideamensch begin with Ideamensch asking Mr. Rocklage of where he got the idea to launch his investment firm. Mr. Rocklage said that his business is a unique one. It is a venture capital based firm that invests in ideas and developments in the life sciences. The name 5AM Ventures refers to the fact that his firm is heavily involved in the early aspects of business and product development and formation. Getting up at 5 A.M. is early and 5AM Ventures specializes in the early development of companies it invests its money in.

Next, Scott Rocklage was asked how a regular day works out for him. Ideamensch followed this up by asking Mr. Rocklage how he tries to make his workday more efficient. Mr. Rocklage says he does not have a set routine or regular day that he can expect. His days vary. Scott says that sometimes he spends days at a time researching and studying the science behind a startup or product. At other times he is involved with the business and management side of business. This involves attending board meetings, meeting with financial officers and reviewing the portfolio of 5AM Ventures.

Ideamensch later asked Scott Rocklage as a businessman, how does he bring ideas to life at his company. Rocklage said that he works very closely with other people in his line of work to help them forge their new idea into a medicine, device or process that can be used to treat diseases or alleviate suffering. This involves working not only with scientists and medical experts, but business professionals such as executives and other investors as well. Click here to know more.

Dr. Rocklage was asked which current trend in medicine or technology he finds the most exciting or interesting. Scott Rocklage said that the targeting ability of new drugs to be able to target specific mutations when fighting diseases is a major breakthrough. The ability of other drugs to target a certain kind of phenotype is another exciting development. These developments will all lead to more effective cancer treatments that can save lives and prolong them.