The Expertise and Success of Jim Tananbaum in Healthcare Companies

Jim Tananbaum is the leader behind the success of Foresite Capital. He is the founder and the CEO of the company. He has also involved the formation of GelTex Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: GENZ) Theravance, Inc. The companies are some of the best firms in pharmaceuticals in the region. Other companies that he co-founded is Prospect Venture Partners II and III and Sierra Ventures. Jim Tananbaum is a successful investor with over 21 healthcare enterprises. Some of the healthcare companies that he owns are Amira Pharmaceuticals and Amerigroup.

Jim declared Dr. Molly He as the venture partner of Foresite Capital. He served as the senior director at Illumina before joining the Foresite Capital. Her experience and management skills in Pharmaceuticals was earned in 15 years. She also has a lot of experience in genomic research and development. Dr. Molly He is recognized by Jim for his contribution and honor as a scientific researcher, reports Dr. He has specialized in the research of next-generation sequencing. Her knowledge and research skills in genomics and drug development are of great benefit to Foresite Capital. She also has outstanding leadership experience which fundamental in the growth of the company.

Dr. He is recognized for her involvement in the expansion of Illumina to global reagent innovation. She pursued biochemistry at Nankai University and graduated with Bachelor’s degree in the course. He enrolled at the University of California to research protein biophysics, and she was awarded a Ph.D. from the same university. Foresite Capital is one of the largest companies leading in innovative and exciting healthcare. The company targets public and private sectors.

Jim Tananbaum’s success in investment is attributed to 25 Years of experience in various leadership positions. He served at GeiTex Pharmaceuticals and Theravance, and he received promotions to work at various executive positions in the companies. He was selected to serve at Harvard-MIT HST Program as a member of advisory board’s committees. He was also appointed to serve on the advisory board’s committees at Yale School of Engineering. His experience in healthcare, management, and innovation has enabled him to contribute productively to the boards.

The success of Jim Tananbaum is the rich academic qualifications which he has attained. He joined Harvard Medical School and graduated with M.D. He was awarded a BS, and a B.S.E.E by Yale University. Tananbaum enrolled Harvard Business School and pursued MBA. Inc42 reports Forbes listed Tananbaum as position 52 in its Midas List for 2017.


How Does Fabletics Sell More Products To Women Through Their Stores?

Fabletics is using some of the most-advanced selling techniques in the world, and they are taking a page from the Amazing sales manual as they do it. They have built a much better brand that will entice women to buy, and they are opening new stores that will help women find better clothes. This article explains how Fabletics is using reverse showrooming to help their brand grow.


#1: What Is Reverse Showrooming?


Reverse showrooming is the process that a company uses where they show their clients everything, and they want their clients to come to the store knowing much of what they will buy. They have seen these things before, and they will purchase these things because they want to get more of them. Women may pair up their wardrobes and create outfits.


#2: The Accounts


The accounts that are created by Fabletics are those that track all the things women buy. They do a number of things that allow women to avoid duplicates, and they will show the customer what they have purchased in the past. They may put together new outfits, and they will show the customer items that will fit into the things they have purchased in the past.


#3: The Simplest Designs


The simplest designs that are created by Kate Hudson are made to ensure that their bodies will be flattered. A woman who wants to look her best may trust Fabletics to give her help. The Fabletics brand is one of the finest in the world, and it gives the company a profile that stretches into the fashion world. The athleisure movement is quite important, and Fabletics is one of the first that has done this.


#4: The Commercials


Kate Hudson is a strong woman, and she stars in all her own commercials. She works hard to give women inspiration, and she wants all women to see that they can have the full life they are looking for. She wants to know that a number of women will see the commercials and feel much better about their own bodies.


Someone who is searching for better clothes for their daily routine may shop with Fabletics, and they will learn that they may purchase new items in their stores. It is something that makes women feel better about themselves, and it gives them a number of chances to look their best every single day after leaving the house.

Whitney Wolfe’s Landmark In Social Networking

Bumble BFF is a social female led dating application that uses Sadie Hawkins concept to connect new people. The application came into existence in 2014 after Whitney Wolfe wanted to break the traditional concept of dating by putting women in control. The Bumble BFF operates like any other dating site like Tinder. It has pictures, matches and the swiping feature. The only difference is it that women are in control of the experience, and have the power to control how they perceive themselves. The goal is to expand the application not only as a dating site but also a platform where people could professionally and socially network.

Recently, a hangout joint called the Hive opened in New York City. The physical location is at 158 Mercer Street, Soho. It would be a meet up place for dates or even a place where people could only spend time. The launching of the Hive will include other events that dwell on relationships and entrepreneurship from the female perspective. Even though the Hive will only open for a period, there are plans for future ventures in other cities. The Hive will offer both bar and coffee related services where sale returns will proceed to charity. It will run from 8 am to 10 pm on Thursdays to Fridays, 10 am to 10 pm on Saturdays, and 10 am to 8 pm on Sundays.

Whitney Wolfe is an American entrepreneur who completed her major in International Studies are Southern Methodist University. In college, Whitney partnered with Patrick Aufdenkem to found a non-profit organization called the Help Us project. After graduation, she moved to South East Asia to work with orphanages. Later at 22 years, she joined Hatch Clubs and after helping in the co-founding of Tinder. She then became the vice president of the marketing department.

At Tinder, Whitney Wolfe played a very active role in popularizing the application to college students. She facilitated the download of the apps by college students. She, however, left Tinder and formed her dating app in collaboration with Andrey Andreev. Whitney Wolfe founded Bumble BFF to help people find friends. Whitney Wolfe was named by Elles Women in 2016 and also by Forbes early this year in the 30 under 30.

Corpse Flower and Orange Coast College

According to the article release on, the rare and smelly flower arranged at OCC (Orange Coast College) is anticipated to attract many admirers who want to get an aroma of its scent.

The corpse flower was displayed in the administration building of Orange Coast College. The flower is also nicknamed Little Dougie, and it has been planted in the institution since 2006. The plant weights more than thirty pounds. It is also 5 feet tall. Other corpse flower plants can weigh more than 200 pounds. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

The flower is named corpse flower because its smell is similar to something that is dead. Additionally, the blooming of the flowers occurs during the evening. However, a single flower can take more than a decade before it makes its first bloom. The first bloom can last for 24 or 48 hours, after which the flower bloom after every 3 or 5 years.

About Orange Coast College

OCC (Orange Coast College) is one of the community colleges in California. The institution was established in 1947, and its first classes were opened in 1948. It offers two-year associate degrees in science and art, lower-division courses, and certificates of achievements as well.

The institution can manage to enroll more than 20000 undergraduate students in a year. Regarding population size, Orange Collge is ranked third in Orange County.

The primary purpose of Orange Coast College is to provide affordable education in skilled professions, trades, licensed trades. It is one of the best transfer institutions in the United States of America – for students who are planning to pursue University Degree.

Orange Coast College has received special accreditation from various organizations like WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges), ADA (American Dental Association), and ADA (American Dietetic Association).

OCC is also active when it comes to the student life. The institution has active competitive sports and clubs. It also involves the Student Association body with every co-curriculum activity. However, the organization was founded to serve the local community, and this makes it less social than higher learning institutions like universities and campuses. Still, many changes are taking place at OCC, and new things are yet to come.