Omar Boraie’s Vision to Redevelop New Brunswick

In “The Visions of Omar Boraie,” the blog details how he envisions the potential in crumbling cities. Omar Boraie sees the potential in cities that others may not. He invested his time and money in rebuilding New Brunswick. He had a vision for the way New Brunswick could be, and he held strong to that dream. He used his experience as a traveling scholar in Europe as inspiration on how to revive the area. His latest project, the Aspire, is a beautiful, luxury residential building. High quality residential buildings attract members of the community that are willing to give back and reinvest as well. You can visit for more info about the company.

Boraie is the head of his own development company, Boraie development. The company works to rebuild and redevelop urban areas, like New Brunswick and Atlantic City. He began his mission to rebuild New Brunswick by acquiring twenty one crumbling building on the same block. He built two beautiful office towers and condos to revamp that area, but he understands that the whole community helped with the effort. He thanked them for bringing in the culture and theater. His vision became reality and he thanked those who stood beside him.

In a report by Central Jersey Working Moms, Boraie Development works on all aspects of the Real Estate market. With a 30 year successful track record, this company works to build new developments, maintain their own properties, and sell real estate to boost the market. Omar Boraie saw the potential in New Brunswick and now is seeing the fruits of his company’s labor taking shape. One building and one block at a time, he rebuilt New Brunswick into a vibrant and beautiful city. The company continues to look for ways to bring New Brunswick into a safer and beautiful city. He saw his vision from bringing new residents to new business come to reality through his hard work and dedication.

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Samuel Strauch: Hiring A reputable Real Estate Advisor

Samuel Strauch has achieved great success in real estate and can help you do the same. Samuel Strauch has been running businesses in the real estate field and is a prominent investor. He also coaches and trains clients on how to start their own business and become successful.

If you’re one of those who want to amass their fortune in the real estate field, then look no further than Samuel Strauch.

Based in Miami, FL, Samuel Strauch can teach your how to find appealing homes for sale, commercial properties for sale and other properties. If you do not get expert assistance or mentoring, you will have a hard time succeeding in this business.

Real estate investing is a fast-paced endeavor. Whether you are a beginning investor or you are a seasoned professional, you must act quickly if you want to take advantage of property deals.

Samuel Strauch will show you how to identify profitable opportunities and where you should search for these deals. The information and training you will get from Samuel Strauch is, in fact, detailed and step by step.

With Samuel Strauch on your side, you will not have to guess what to do or when to take the steps. You will have the advice and guidance you need to get started toward your goal and eventually become successful.

Samuel Strauch has the passionate and commitment to help you succeed and you should take advantage of the opportunity. Whether you are interested in flipping houses for huge profits or renting out property for monthly income, you are sure to obtain valuable information from Samuel Strauch.

Real estate investing is a highly lucrative and fun way to create wealth and change your life, so take the necessary steps to get started.

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Insights About Roberto Santiago And His Popular Shopping Mall

When you visit the city of Joao Pessoa, the largest mall you will find is the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping. This shopping complex is a property of a renowned Brazilian businessman, Roberto Santiago. The entrepreneur’s objective is to ensure the clients are offered top class services whenever they visit this leisure hub. The mall provides a wide range of services including entertainment, leisure, fun and comfort areas. Manaira Shopping is recognized in the entire state of Paraiba for its top level entertainment and fun it provides to customers.

The mall has facilities to address the needs of all including families that want to experience calm, joy and comfort when they visit the city. The entertainment section consist movie theaters and electronic amusement park. The cinema facilities are equipped with state of the art machines and infrastructure in order to offer 3D amenities, stadium-like hall and VIP section. Customers in the movie theater can buy alcoholic and soft drinks, as well as snacks. The amusement park has an area of about 1800 square meters and installed with over 200 machines.

Another facility you will find at Manaira Shopping is the gourmet space. This facility provides an exciting environment to customers who prefer to hang out and experience memorable times with their loved ones. The space also has a food court and steak house where delicious meals are available to satisfy customers’ craving. There is a hall where concerts and events are held at the rooftop of shopping mall. This concert hall is considered to be one of the largest in Joao Pessoa. The hall is equipped with top quality sound equipment, AC systems and soundproof gadgets. The hall can accommodate over 10,000 individuals, among them 4,000 seated. Besides hosting concerts, it is a perfect place for events like presentations, weddings, graduations among others. Read more on

Brief Overview of Roberto Santiago

Roberto is a famous Brazilian businessman recognized for his huge investment in the retail industry. Besides owning Manaira Shopping, he is also the owner of Mangeira Shopping Mall, a modern state of the art shopping place in the city Mangeira. Roberto kicked off his professional career at Cafe Santa Rosa. He later established a cartonage company which applied unique techniques to enhance production of a wide range of utilitarian and decorative items.


Today, Roberto Santiago has established himself as a successful entrepreneur and businessman. During his free time, Roberto is a sports fanatic, and he even participated and won a number of championships. He was born in Joao Pessoa in 1958, and studied at Pio X Marist College, before joining University Center of Joao Pessoa to study Business Administration. Indeed, Roberto Santiago has established himself as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil of modern days. Visit his profile page on Facebook.

Have Winning Hair With Wen By Chaz

Our hair, the main focal point of beauty aside from our amazing faces. So much care goes into grooming and maintaining the perfect hair to compliment the perfect us. We only want the best for our hair, but we can’t possibly risk testing millions of products on the market just to find that one hidden gem. Well thanks to Hairstylist, Emily Mcclure’s research, we were able to get an in depth look at just how amazing Wen By Chaz is, and how this product will truly give you winning hair in no time!

If you are the kind of person who goes through 3 different bottles of product (shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment) everytime you wash your hair, then you’ll be excited about this 3 in one product that has been able to create. Not only will this provide a more convenient grooming experience, but it will also provide more consistent results, considering that you no longer have to monitor how much of each product you are using.

To fully give us a thorough glimpse of the effectiveness of Wen By Chaz, Emily takes us on a 7 day timeline of her use of the product. Each day of her using the product, she starts to notice her hair gain a much more natural sheen, and even notices that her hair feels much stronger from washing breakage that plagues so many of us. How sweet is it to no longer worry about covering your hands in your own delicate hair? Now we could take Emily’s word for how great this product is, but luckily she also decided to provide pictures actually showing the transition from day 1 to day 7. The transition to a shinier, healthier and fuller hair is fully on display, and is so noticeable that when you see it, you may find yourself already excited to try Wen By Chaz yourself.

Whether you have fine or course hair, this product is going to give you the clean and silky, full-body hair that you need to go out and conquer 2017. So if you’re not down for trying millions of products on your million dollar hair click the link below and check out the original article to see what Emily had to say. Subscribe to the Wen YouTube channel to learn more.

George Soros Uses Money for Causes

Throughout the world, there are millions of different causes that people can take on. These all have different things that are associated with them and can mean different things for different people. For George Soros, the ones that are the most worth taking on are the ones that are causing the biggest problems and that have the least obvious solutions. As someone who has a lot of money, Soros knows what it is like to make sure that things are going the right way and to use the power that he has to make things better for people around the world. He has worked with countries that are developing, for people who do not know the right way to improve situations and with those who are unable to even afford new clothes. He has been able to make a difference for all of these people and the situations that they are in. He has also made a lot of money so that he can be able to help people with the situations that are going on in their lives.

George Soros is a billionaire. In fact, according to the Open Society Foundation, he has donated over 12 billion dollars to the foundations that he cares about. While he is not necessarily the richest person in the world, he is very rich compared to most. The biggest difference in Soros and those who are also rich is that he uses the money that he has to make things better for other people. Learn more about George at Biography.

As someone who is very much not selfish and is more selfless, George Soros knows what it is like to make things better for other people. He shows them the opportunities that are available to them, teaches them the way that they can use these opportunities and even does what he can to provide the options to them. This is also something that he has done since the beginning of his career and he sees it as a huge part of the reason that he has been so successful. Giving back is important to Soros and he knows that, without his ability to do that, he wouldn’t be the success that he is. Visit to know more about George.

The Open Society Foundation talks a lot about the different things that George Soros has done. No matter what he is doing or who he is helping, he always tries to be as philanthropic as possible. He knows that doing this is one of the only ways that he can make a difference for people and that if he does the right thing for everyone, he will be able to help them out with the options that are available to them. He wants people to know he is there to help.

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